WinHR - Westcoast Institute of Human Resources

The WinHR - Westcoast Institute of Human Resources was founded in July 2015 as an institute of the Westcoast University of Applied Sciences. It is the competence center for questions regarding Human Resource Management, Leadership, and Employment Law settled at Schleswig-Holstein‘s west coast. Local organizations are thus brought together with research groups and students of the university establishing synergetic effects: Organizations benefit from our experts' scientific knowledge, students learn based on real-life organizational problems how the business works, and the WinHR strengthens the Westcoast area with its insights gained from various collaborations.

HR-related problems are naturally multidimensional and can only be solved by applying interdisciplinary approaches. To reflect the most important aspects of HR, experts and researchers in economics, law, psychology, and information technology joined to build up the Westcoast Institute of Human Resources to face the diversity of this topic.

Our activities are threefold comprising teaching, research, and consultancy.


Students are highly interested in Human Resources Management. As an institute that is doing research and consultancy, we guarantee excellent courses based on the scientific state-of-the-art to raise the employability of our graduates.

Our main aim is to design the study profile "Human Resources Management" with regard to content and didactics in an optimal way for our students. Selectable by five of our study programs, the HRM-profile turned out to be the most popular. Our design, which summarizes the interferences of contents but also respects the characteristics of the different study programs, offers specifically defined and carefully coordinated chances for course selection in this profile.


Our research focuses on human behavior and its interaction with organizations and other work-related situations. We conduct research in collaboration with different partners from research and practice to answer questions out of the broad area of Human Resources Management. In our research and consulting activities, we focus on topics of human behavior in work and work-related contexts (leadership, organization, job performance, compliance, etc.).


Organizations can count on the WinHR as a strong partner when facing complex HR-related problems. Change processes, personnel selection and job performance are only a few examples of situations, that may imply risks and be a challenge every organization. In those situations, it is advantageous to collaborate with a partner who is seen as neutral and goal-oriented by all stakeholders. With broad expertise in four disciplines, the WinHR has excellent preconditions to bypass risks and use evolving chances.